How to Copy Folder from one account to another on Google Drive

Updated on August 31, 2020

Have you ever wanted to copy the entire Google Drive Folder (with files) from One Account to Another? If Yes, then follow the below guidelines to copy Folder from one Google Drive Account to Another.

Requirements: You need to have two Google Drive (Gmail) account to follow the following guidelines:

Copy Folder from one account to another on Google Drive

  1. Login into your First Google Drive Account.
  2. Google Drive Login

  3. Select the Folder (that you wanted to copy) and click on the Share Button.
  4. Drive Select Folder Share

  5. On the Share Popup, Click on Advanced.
  6. Drive Share Advanced

  7. Click on the Change Link (next to the private).
  8. Sharing Settings Change

  9. Choose either On – Public on the Web or On – Anyone with the Link and click on Save Button.
  10. Link Sharing Public Save

  11. Copy the Link to Share.
  12. Drive Copy Link

  13. Login into your Second Account (use incognito mode, or whatever you want).
  14. Drive Account 2 Login

  15. Open the Copied Folder URL in the Second Tab (should be in the same window):
  16. Open Copied Drive Link

  17. Click on the Shared with me Button:
  18. Drive Shared with Me

  19. On Shared with Me page, Right Click on the Folder and Select Add to My Drive.
  20. Folder Add to My Drive

  21. Open Copy Folder Script in the Third Tab (should be in the same window).
  22. Open Copy Folder Script

  23. Click on Review Permission Button (you have to give permission to the Script; this permission can be revoked later).
  24. Copy Folder Script Review Permissions

  25. On the Signin Popup, Choose your Account.
  26. Choose Account Copy Folder

  27. Click on the Allow Button:
  28. Drive Consent Allow

  29. Click on Search your Drive Button:
  30. Copy Folder Search Your Drive

  31. Choose the Folder (which you want to copy) and Click on the Select Button:
  32. Copy Folder Select Folder

  33. Click on the Next Button:
  34. selected folder copy next

  35. Click on the Next Button:
  36. name your copy next

  37. Again, Click on the Next Button:
  38. Copying Options Next

  39. Click on the Copy Folder Button:
  40. copy folder review

  41. Now, you will see the Success Message on the Copy Folder Script Page.
  42. Copy Folder Success

  43. Refresh your Google Drive Page. There you will be able to See the copied Folder.
  44. copy folder drive refresh

    Congratulations. You Just learned to copy the Google Drive Folder from one Account to Another.


[*] Limitations: To avoid abuse of Google Drive Services, Google only allows you to Copy-Paste approx 750 GB of data in 24 hours.

[*] Revoke Copy Folder Permission: Open Google Account with Access Page > Select Copy Folder and Click on Remove Access Button.

[*] Google Drive Guide: If you are looking for more useful How-to guides on Google Drive, then check out Google Drive Guide Page.

[*] Credits: Copy Script is developed by ericyd. So, full credit goes to the developer for creating the Script.

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