How to add Hyperlink to any image in Gmail message

Updated on August 24, 2020

Have you ever wanted to Add a Hyperlink (website URL) or an Email Address to any image in the Gmail messages? If yes, then follow the following method to add a Hyperlink (Website URL) or Email Address to an image in Gmail Messages.

Add Hyperlink to an image in Gmail Message

  1. Open Gmail in your Browser (skip the step, if gmail is already opened).
  2. Google Login

  3. Click on the Compose Button to create a New Email (skip the step, if already composing the Email Message).
  4. Gmail Compose

  5. Click on the Insert Photo Button.
  6. gmail insert image

  7. Click on the Upload Menu:
  8. gmail insert image upload

  9. Click on the Choose Photo to Upload (alternatively, you can also drag-and-drop images in the box):
  10. gmail choose photos to upload

    Select the image from your computer and click on Open Button:

    gmail choose image open

  11. Click on the image to select it.
  12. gmail insert image select

  13. Click on the Insert link button to Open Edit Link Popup (shortcut: Ctrl+K):
  14. gmail image hyperlink

  15. Now, under the Text to Display, Write the Title of Image (or anything; optional) then under the Web Address write the website address you want to add on the image.
  16. image edit link web address

  17. Click on the OK button.
  18. gmail insert hyperlink ok

    Congratulations! The recipient of the Email (in which you inserted the image with website link) can click on the image to open the web address you added.


[*] Advantage: In Step#8, we added a website address (to give you an example). Gmail also allows you to add an Email Address as a hyperlink (link) to an image.

[*] The same procedure can be used to insert a hyperlink to the text message in Gmail. Simply Select the Text (word) > Click on the Insert Link Button > Add the Website URL or Email Address > Click on OK Button.

[*] Gmail Guide: If you are looking for more useful How-to guides on Google Gmail, then check out Gmail Guide Page.

[*] Gmail Support: Google officially provides support to the Gmail users through their Gmail Help Community and Help Center.

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